Violet Kashewa Intuitive Business Analyst Expert

Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst is the authoritative game changer to leverage 21st Century “knowledge-sourcing” …a new paradigm of learning models at accelerated higher-conductivity.

Violet_Kashewa Intuitive Business Analyst

A 30-year expert clairvoyant-adept prophetic-seer, Violet effectively articulates substantive Implicit Business Intelligence© transforming systems-implementation driving advancement and opportunity to link vision to actualization. She ignites unique distinction that propels unrealized potential and success compelling Fortune 1000 companies and Urban change agents... to step into new definitions of importance, purpose and possibility at this critical time in history.

 Transformational Leadership & Workforce Learning Center

Core Reach

  • Companies hungry for inspired new direction and meaning-making reinventing marketplace significance.
  • Established knowledge-management cultures seeking expansion by explosive up-leveling via implicit business intelligence translation.
  • Millennials expectant of new conceptual ideas and fresh organizational learning experience.

Clients average 20% expense waste elimination across the top 5 departments in both tangible-intangible savings to process and efficiency, proving a $1M monthly gross revenue impact for larger companies. Complimentary 10 SWOT/PESTLE analysis plus 5-page report. Governance Advisory, Board Director, Pro-Bono, and Exclusivity Opportunity: Diverse industry 10-100,000 Global Onsite & Remote Services.

Ten Reasons "Why Intuitive Business Analysis"©:
1. Target Information
2. Articulate Clarity and Direct Paths to Action
3. Aid Strategic Implementation
4. Generate New Knowledge
5. Synthesize Analysis Methods
6. Catalyze Leadership Perspectives
7. Liberate Power in Organizational Culture
8. Leverage Knowledge-Management
9. Drive Organizational Authenticity
10. Expedite Execution Excellence

Additional Training & Professional Certification: Human Resources, Change Management, Conflict-Resolution, Transformational Counseling, Workplace Chaplaincy, Ethical Corporate Culture, and Instructional Design & Technology.

Violet Kashewa is University of Washington Tacoma Urban Studies undergraduate.