Transformational Leadership & Workforce Learning

About 21st Century Leadership 

The American Association Adult Learning & Continuing Education promotes:

"Spiritual and transpersonal knowing, holistic, affective, artistic learning, and reflective synthesis" (AAACE 2010 Handbook)..are aspects of 21st Century adult learning.

Violet Kashewa, author, Leadership Purpose Essentials, translates the subtle but powerful multidimensional intuitive, revelatory, transformational aspects of human consciousness to catalyze knowledge-sourcing at the forefront of business enterprise and urban strategy with a pioneering and reformative approach.

Transformational leadership change agents are invested in the continuous attainment of “new definitions of importance, purpose, and possibility” at this critical time in history.

Our cutting-edge consciousness education and SQ immersion facilitation programming is up with the times of leadership modeling, corporate training, and workforce engagement for the 21st Century!

  • New Paradigm Aptitudes
  • SQ Spiritual Intelligence                                       
  • Conscious Business Core Values
  • Wholistic Spheres of Influence
  • Implicit Business Intelligence 
  • Relational Relevance & Deep Ecology    
  • Exploration and Clarification Process
  • 5 Phases of Transformative Power
  • 4 Laws of 21st Century Reformation
  • 5 Ideals of 21st Century Leadership
  • Global Values of Accordance
  • Authentic Communication Discovery
  • Perception Demonstration
  • Empathic Learning
  • Immersion Facilitation

About Workforce Learning Center

As the expert in Implicit Business Intelligence© we help workforce learning participants make sense of 21st Century knowledge-sourcing, and transformational learning models in a new paradigm of accelerated higher-conductivity. Our teachings break fractured non-virtuous cycles of perception, learning, and advancement in alignment with the greater needs of society, thereby, reinventing marketplace significance for our clients. Learn new conceptual ideas, theories, core competencies, and frameworks for wholistic business empowerment that capitalize SQ (spiritual intelligence) well beyond EQ. 

With 8-week and 20-week intensives at multiple enrollment periods and affordable employee subscription rates, workforce investment is easy. ​

Change Agents