Cooperative Workspace @ Urban Matrix Project

Your Urban Impact Project...Belongs in the Matrix!

WA_dove.jpgUrban Matrix Project... offers greater visibility and liaison for intersecting urban impact projects in Washington State. Our goal is to amplify value creation and knowledge sharing viability that translates importance, purpose, and possibility, in alignment with the greater needs of society. 

We provide safe, dynamic, conducive workspace, in a moderately high-traffic location.

You provide the awesome vision for urban impact!

Workspace Perks & Benefits

  • Onsite Coffee & Tea buy!
  • Designated Desk & to have it!
  • Heat & Lighted Open Space...fabulous!
  • Complimentary High-speed Wifi...most necessary!
  • Project Mentoring...1x monthly with the host team!
  • Expo Artist Gallery...optional for a bit extra!

Monthly Rental Options

$ 10  Walk-in p/Available Open-Space                                                                     

$ 79   Monthly Laptop Open-space ["Pic-a-Spot"]
$ 179 Start-Up Designated Desk & Chair [No revenue.]

$ 279 Established-Project Designated Desk & Chair PLUS Gallery [Revenue/Events.]

Simple Guidelines:  Hours 6:00am-9:00pm Daily

  • Absolutely NO Tobacco...can't consume at all and be here, sorry!
  • Fragrance Free Environment...respect chemical sensitive tenants.
  • All Ethnicities, Religions, Capabilities, and Genders...are welcome at Urban Matrix.
  • Registered Service Animals Okay...if they are non-aggressive and QUIET.
  • Telephone Communications...keep it professional otherwise please go outside.
  • Waiver, Biz License, Liability AND Reference...required-additional p/approval.
  • Optional Weekly keep it real.

Workspace Reservation & Waiting List

This is a computer-online cooperative workspace and finished artists gallery only!

Tenants can represent any type of urban focus project here. But rental or use is not provided for painting/ceramics-making or kilns or other chemical-related or odorous products nor for large water containment, or loose earthen materials, such as compost or soil (in large quantity or containers) due to general workspace chemical sensitive persons and permit-zoning.

Please store your valuables and materials in an appropriate facility. Thank you.

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